Pillow Talk

There were days, when I used to sleep the moment my head hit the pillows.

There were days, I skipped sleep -I didn’t seem to need them with you on my side.

There were days when we used to play under the sheets.

There were nights that were not dark enough for us. ‘Cause you shone like a bright diamond, with many facets to you, with different shades of you. I was smitten. Absolutely taken with you. 
We’ve always loved our wines. Excpet that we never touched them when we were together.

Like we needed wine to get drunk. 

We were so drunk with the magic we held within us.
I’m drunk. I’m high just looking into your eyes.

I want to add my name to the list of people who’ve been to space. You’ve taken me there so many times! I didn’t ever want to come back.

And when I spoke of staying back in space, why did you bring me back to earth? 







Sleep has deserted me. But I badly need it- now that you’re not beside me anymore.

























You’ve lived your life.

Now let me live mine.

In agony, in pain. Soul deep. If that’s the way I can.

Pity you’re gone now. How I wish you’d suffer, seeing me writhe in pain.

The Love story of raindrops 

The many million raindrops were racing each other.

The little droplets on the window glass trying to overtake the other.

Some raindrops among the million, made their way from top of the glass to the bottom, slowly.

So slow that, by the time they reached the bottom, there was just nothing left of themselves.

There is a love story here too;

While all the raindrops tried to brave losing themselves and travel this long journey alone, two raindrops decided to make their jounery together. 

As the first raindrop was racing down with the others, without caution or warning another raindrop joined itself along the same path; like falling in love, each of them compromising and complementing each other, as they merged into One.

Now they were united. A single big droplet, with more energy, enjoying their travel together as they reached the bottom before anyone else did.

And the best part of their story was, even after reaching down, all was not lost. Of course they lost a little bit of themselves..but since they were together -always as One, they could bear the loss easier than they could before.

Inspired by their love story, the other raindrops too, wanted to make their journeys more enjoyable and make their slow, awfully long journey more tolerable.

And that is why, raindrops still race each other. But they fall in love, make their journeys worthwhile, inseparable from each other.

– The Sanely Insane Heart

’cause I like the way it hurts

Just stand there and watch me cry.
I’m hurt and you know it.
Yet you stand there and watch me burn.
I can’t tell you the words that mean so much to me. And yet you stand there and watch me unwind.
I can’t tell the world why I’m crying, but to you, I did. Yet you just stand there watch me break.
Yet you stand there and watch my tears soak your shirt.
Its alright you know, I still love you and your lies.
’cause, I like the way it hurts.


There’s only darkness

They say, the night is dark and full of terrors.

Come with me, let me be your light, and guide you to your doom.

Light, is darkness.

It always obscures darkness, but you know its there, right behind it – behind every bit of light.

There’s only darkness.



Under the lamplight

Like leaves under the lamplight, every one of us have a bit of the dark hidden beneath the light.

Not every bit of us, shine under the lights. There are parts of us unseen, unknown, untapped, hidden, beneath the canopy of light.. but just as dark and un-illuminated.